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Estate Planning for the College Student

June is full of events that signify the change of life. One of those events is high school graduation. It is a milestone for high school seniors as they transition from following their parents’ rules to illusion of freedom that accompanies entering adulthood. They are celebrating this milestone with graduation parties. They look forward to […]

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Guardianship Termination: Why Would It Be Needed?

The probate court in your county appointed a guardian to act on your behalf. Now, you want to end your guardianship so that you can make your own decisions about your life, including where you live, how you spend your money, and other important choices. The question often arises on how to terminate the guardianship. […]

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What is Incapacity in Michigan?

Your loved one is aging, suffers from disability or has an addiction, how do you know when you need to apply for legal guardianship or conservatorship to assist them in carrying for their daily needs. In Michigan, MCL 700.1105(a) defines what an incapacitated individual is. It states that the individual is impaired because of mental […]

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Guardianship v Conservatorship

Frequently, we are asked what the difference between a conservatorship and a guardianship is. This is often followed up why do I need both. These are excellent questions to ask when considering what to do for your loved one whose memory is failing, has a disability that limits his own decision making, or has addiction […]

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DIY Estate Planning: The Harm They Create

With the Internet, it is becoming easier to find a form and create estate planning documents yourself. However, there are pitfalls to do this. The pitfalls happen because individuals do not know what they do not know. The do-it-yourself (DIY) solution for estate planning is often causes loved family members issues that cannot be correct. […]

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