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Red Flag Laws: Are They Effective?

Over the last few weeks, I have been blogging about the trend across the country to pass what is referred to as “red flag” laws. So far, we have explored what they are, the names that are used to refer to them, and both sides of the argument in support or opposed to red flag […]

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Michigan Red Flag Laws: The Pros and Cons

Red flag laws seek to temporarily remove guns and prohibit future purchases of gun for those individuals who have been identified as being in crisis and presenting a significant risk of harming themselves or the community at large. There are two opposing views to the passage of red flags laws. This week, I will be […]

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Red Flag Laws in Michigan

he first thing to know about red flag laws is that as of August 14, 2019 a total of 17 states and the District of Columbia have passed extreme risk protection laws. These laws are meant to prevent a person in crisis from harming themselves or others by temporarily removing guns and prohibiting the purchase of guns. Each state has passed its own version of these laws and refers to these laws by differing names.

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Who Needs an Estate Plan?

Everyone needs an estate plan. It does not matter if you have minimal assets, no children, pets, or millions of dollars in assets. Everyone needs to have a detailed plan for their future that others can refer to when the individual can no longer plan. Estate planning is just not about what should happen when […]

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Why Should You Have an Estate Plan?

We make plans all the time. We plan what to wear, what to eat, where to go on dates or vacations, which neighborhoods to live in, or what kind of car to drive. But less than half of Americans have taken the steps to plan what will happen to their estate when they die. When […]

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