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Trusted Gun Rights Attorney Melissa Pearce

Our founding attorney, Melissa Pearce, is very passionate about both firearms rights and upholding the law while defending those rights. Growing up in a household where the safe use of firearms was prioritized, she learned that firearms are a tool and the use of these tools are a fundamental right to all Americans. As she grew older, she learned that these tools are too often abused, which in turn leads to punishing restrictions on law-abiding American citizens. With this erosion in mind, she formed Michigan Gun Law, where our passion lies in defending you and protecting your legacy while participating in our community as a law-abiding firearms owner.

When the firm was formed in 2009, we had one goal in mind: represent our clients with the same tenacity and passion we would defend our own rights. We do that here at Michigan Gun Law by making sure our staff is trained by experts in the field. This gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Navigating the law is never easy: we are here to help.

No two cases are alike. Thus, we tailor our approach to each individual. What may work for one person, may not work for another. When you decide you would like to meet the firm, you will have a Pre-engagement Meeting where you will discuss your matter with our Client Relations Specialist. She is specifically trained to handle these kinds of cases. In that meeting, together you will determine whether or not Michigan Gun Law is the right fit for your situation. If you decide to hire us following the meeting, the information we gathered from you will help us make sure that our approach is individually tailored to fit your needs and goals.

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What Sets Michigan Gun Law Apart?

We take a team approach to your case. Nothing is stronger than a unified team. Melissa learned this as a child playing sports. She brings this attitude to the practice of law. The entire firm works as a team on your case and works with you as a valued team member. Our clients are the captains of our team and direct the direction of the plays to make during the matter’s progression throughout legal process. Every team needs good communication to be successful in meeting the goals of the team.

The team at Michigan Gun Law understands what good communication should be. So, throughout the case, we make it a priority to keep you informed throughout each stage of the process. We update our clients monthly with letters detailing what is happening next at no cost to our clients. Our attorneys provide you with advice and insight regarding what to expect throughout your case, whether that be in court, what to do after your Trust is enacted, or what to do after you have your rights restored. We expect timely, open and honest communication from our clients back to us.

Our team has represented clients throughout southeast Michigan. We have worked hard to earn our reputation among the courts as well as the community.

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