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Funding Your Special Needs Trust

You have created the special needs trust for your disabled loved one, but now how do you properly fund the trust. When an attorney says that you need to “fund the trust,” what they are telling you to do is to transfer assets from yourself to the trust. This may require re-titling assets, such a […]

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Why Do You Need a Special Needs Trust?

When life throws us a curve ball, it is reassuring to know that are ways that we can plan ahead to deal with the pitch from life. I was once told that there would be accidents in life, some small and some large, but none that would alter the course of my life. But for […]

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How Can a Special Needs Trust Plan for Long Term Care?

A recent internet search on how to plan for long-term care turned up several results relating to planning for one’s own long-term care during retirement. But how do you plan for long-term care, when the person is your child or spouse who has a physical or mental disability. There are some common steps that would […]

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What is a Special Needs Trust?

If you are thinking about drafting an estate plan and have a family member with a chronic illness or special needs, then the discussion with the attorney should include the benefits of having a special needs trust. Before you have this conversation, you should have a basic understanding of what a special needs trust is […]

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Why Do You Need a Gun Trust?

The top reason a gun trust is an essential part of an individual’s estate plan is because the individual is looking to a buy a Title II (Class 3 or NFA) firearm. These are highly regulated and only the person the tax stamp is issued to may possess the firearm. Therefore, whenever the individual leaves the firearm at home, which is shared with other people, a transfer in possession is occurring.

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