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My Spouse Defended Another. Now What?

            Defending another individual is not an easy decision to make. Hearing that your spouse or family member made that decision and is now being charged with a crime is difficult to handle although from having to make the decision to defend another individual. Three seconds from arriving on the scene is not a long […]

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Good Samaritan Situations: Can I Use My Firearm?

            Lately, my husband has been sharing with me new stories of Good Samaritan citizens putting down their cell phones and jumping in to aid police officers that are being attacked. This often starts the conversation about laws surrounding self-defense and the defense of others. In Michigan, an individual can use force to defend another […]

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Six Tips for Self-Defense Shootings

By: Melissa Pearce, Founding Attorney             Earlier this year, I attend training from Massad Ayoob. I learned some insightful tips from him during the eight-hour course, which I took to further educate myself as a firearms attorney. Most of the other attendees were there to learn tips from him on what to do in a […]

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Remembering 9/11

Seventeen years ago, the nation stood still. We stopped and watched in horror as terrorists used passenger airlines to attack us. They did not come with armies of soldiers, but a handful of men who were willing to die for their cause. I still remember the call from my boss asking me to watch the […]

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Estate Planning for the Young Family: Is It Right for You?

By: Danyelle Griffith – Client Coordinator Estate planning is not something that most young people think about. As a young person, I can attest that a good portion of us think about the immediate future and not what could happen weeks, months or even years from now. Since we are young, we do not think […]

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