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What Are Common Concealed Carry Mistakes?

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What Are Common Concealed Carry Mistakes? When it comes to concealed carry, Michigan has neither the most stringent nor the most lenient laws in the nation. Currently, concealed carry is allowed with a permit and open carry is allowed without a permit. In June this year, legislation was introduced in the House that would authorize concealed carry without a permit. That bill is currently sitting in the Senate with a committee.  More recently, three other bills were introduced, including one to allow for concealed carry in gun-free zones (provided the owner has a permit and training). As none of these bills have been passed and signed by the governor, you will want to continue to carry your firearm in accordance with the current laws.

Gun owners who want to take advantage of their CPL should always stay mindful of these avoidable and common concealed carry mistakes.

Not test-driving a holster

Holsters are essential for concealed carry as they provide a safe and secure place to keep your gun that also ensures easy access. So, it’s important to have a holster that fits you and your gun. This is why it is so important to try on holsters first before buying. What may work for the Amazon five-star reviewer may not work for you.

Choosing an unsafe holster

Just as the fit of the holster is important, so is the safety feature of the holster. Choosing an unsafe holster can result in you putting yourself and others in avoidable danger. At a minimum, your holster should fully protect and cover the trigger. Otherwise, you may have poor trigger control when pulling from your holster and you may accidentally discharge the gun, resulting in injury to yourself or others. Also, if you are considering a shoulder holster, find one that points the gun down. This ensures that the gun is never pointing at someone you don’t mean to point it at.

Going public

Part of the reason for having a concealed carry permit is to keep the gun concealed. So, it’s best not to start adjusting your gun or holster in public that allows others to see it. Similarly, consider your fashion choices while wearing a holster. Skin-tight fabrics may not be the best choice as they will most certainly give away the fact that you are carrying and will make it difficult to access your gun. Another thing to keep in mind is that dark-colored holsters and guns can be easily seen through lighter colored fabrics.

Thinking your Concealed Pistol License (CPL) is a license to be invincible

With great power comes great responsibility and that phrase is particularly apt when it comes to guns. Having a concealed gun does not give you a license to seek out trouble or to antagonize people. If anything, having a concealed gun means you should be even more wary of risks or trouble than if you were not carrying.

Breaking the law

A CPL is a broad license in Michigan, but there are still places where concealed carry is not allowed. It is your responsibility to know the concealed carry laws where you are and where you go. You should carry your license whenever you carry your gun. Just like you shouldn’t drive without a license, you shouldn’t carry without your CPL either.

It never hurts to understand exactly what your rights and responsibilities are when it comes to concealed carry. Our team at Michigan Gun Law have the knowledge and understanding to give you all of the information that you need. Contact our office today to get started.

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