Here at Michigan Gun Law, we have a variety of services that we offer to help protect you and your rights. If you are looking to protect your family and your legacy, we have a variety of estate planning options for you. You can protect your family from constructive possession of your Title I and Title II firearms and established the heirs for them by getting an NFA Trust. We also offer complete Trusts to protect your entire legacy, including your family, in the event of your death.

If you find yourself in a bind with the law, we are here to help! So many criminal charges effect your right to carry. We are here to help you preserve that right. If you have been charged with a crime, contact us today so that we can help you preserve your right to carry. Your civil rights are important. Do not let a mistake, no matter how large, take them away. 

Did you know that defending yourself with the firearms you own against a known threat can also land you into a legal bind? Michigan Gun Law can help you with that as well. When faced with a situation where you had to defend yourself and your loved ones, you don’t need the stress associated with trying to find the right attorney to defend you if faced with legal repercussions. You want the experts at Michigan Gun Law to defend you when your mama bear side comes out.

We can also assist you in restoring your right to carry if it has been taken from you. Certain criminal convictions can be taken off your record if you have waited the allotted amount of time set by the State of Michigan. With these convictions erased, your civil rights in Michigan can be restored. If you have a past that you are not so proud of, you want Michigan Gun Law to help you get your record clean so you can restore your rights as soon as possible. 

Let us help you protect your Second Amendment Rights! Contact Us today!


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