Protecting Your Children: Why Do College Students Need Estate Plans?

By: Linda Robbins – Administrative Assistant

The stressful year of having a child in their senior year of high school can really tax parents. Applying for college, getting accepted to college, getting their senior pictures, finding that perfect prom dress, the senior graduation party, and then finally commencement. Then you start shopping for all the stuff they will need for their college dorm room. There is so much to do, it is no wonder that parents are tired, but the day has arrived, and you are leaving your child behind in an unfamiliar place called a dorm room.

The next thing you know is you are getting a phone call from your child’s dorm mate saying that they took your child to the emergency room. You live 4 hours away. You try to call the hospital to find out about your child, but they refuse to talk to you because your child is over the age of 18. Your child is an ADULT and they can only speak to them.

Therefore, parents really should think about having a simple estate plan for their child that includes the will and powers of attorney. The powers of attorney gives the doctors permission to speak to the parents and the parents the rights to make sure that their child’s wishes are taken care of if something should happen to them.

I know from experience as my youngest daughter went off to college and ended up in the emergency room with mononucleosis. The hospital would not talk to us even though we had to pay the bill. I also had very dear friends whose daughter went away to college that was 4 hours away from where the parents lived. They received a phone call one night from a state trooper that their daughter had been in a very serious car accident and was no longer living. Now what do they do? They had no idea if their daughter wanted to be cremated or buried.

These are some of the reasons why parents really should think about getting a simple estate plan for their child as a graduation gift. So, if you are a parent getting ready to send your child off to college, paying for an estate plan should not be a cost you cut. Call Michigan Gun Law at (248) 676-8978 to schedule your appointment today!

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