DUI Fallout: 6 Major Ways a Conviction Can Impact Your Life

Imagine this scenario. You’re driving home after having too much fun at your friend’s New Year’s Eve party and the police pull you over. It happens to everyone, right? It’s no big deal, right?


A Michigan DUI conviction can have serious consequences that affect the rest of your life. You weren’t merely issued a traffic ticket. You broke the law in a way that will remain on your record permanently and be visible to anyone who runs a background check on you. Impaired driving kills and injures thousands of people every year, and the fact that you drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have a seriously limiting effect on your future.

Here are six ways that a DUI conviction can leave its mark on you forever.

1) You could lose your driver’s license

A DUI conviction can cause your driver’s license to be suspended at best and completely revoked at worst. If that happens, you can only get it back by paying fines, applicable fees, and abiding by conditions ordered by the court or the Secretary of State. While all this is sorted out, you won’t be able to drive, which can limit your ability to go to work, run errands, and get around in general.

2) You could lose your job

If you are a trucker, delivery person, taxi driver, or any occupation that requires you to drive a motor vehicle, a suspended or revoked license can mean the end of your job. Not only can you not drive, your employer may decide that a conviction means you are a potentially liability and terminate your employment.

3) You could experience difficulties finding work

A DUI conviction will leave you with a criminal record that is discoverable when you apply for a job and a potential employer runs a background check on you. Many employers are reluctant to hire candidates who have a DUI on their record.

4) You might pay more for car insurance

If you are convicted of DUI, you present a greater insurance risk, and your insurance company will likely raise your premiums. In the long run, you could be paying thousands more than someone with a clean driving record.

5) Your immigration status could be jeopardized

If you are not an American citizen, a DUI conviction could have a negative effect on your status and result in denial of your application for a visa, green card, or even American citizenship.

6) You could be denied a Concealed Pistol License (CPL)

When you apply for a concealed pistol license in Michigan, it is a prerequisite that you have not been convicted of certain misdemeanors in the eight years preceding the date of application. They include:

  • Operating while intoxicated, second offense
  • Drunk driving, commercial vehicle
  • Operating an ORV under the influence of drugs or alcohol, second or subsequent offense
  • Operating a snowmobile under the influence of drugs or alcohol, second or subsequent

A DUI conviction can therefore hinder your ability to exercise your right to bear arms.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Michigan, both your freedom and your future rights depend upon quality legal representation. At Michigan Gun Law, we will guide you and protect your rights throughout the entire process, so that you benefit from the best outcome for your case.

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