Amanda Nelson is the child of a home wrought with abuse from a father who was a very negative influence that would also talk negatively about her mother during the processes of divorce, and a step-father who only wanted her mother, and not the “whole package” of the family she brought to the marriage. She has seen the destruction that divorce, substance abuse, and negativity has on a family during these stressful times. Not only is it financially taxing, but it is also extremely emotionally taxing for all involved.

She worked in a daycare for several years which allowed her to see further the destruction that divorce brings to families and how high of an impact it has on the children involved. She saw that it can take the sweetest child and cause that child to be angry, violent, always sad, and that is just the beginning.

She has always been a big believer in the saying that “everything happens for a reason”. The impact from all this was great in shaping who Amanda is today. From an early age, she saw how hard being a single-parent is, the need to have a good support system, what hard work looks like, and, most importantly, how to be compassionate to those around you by using your own experiences to help others. Her mother was her biggest role model in all of this and the person she thanks, to this day, for helping shape her to be caring, compassionate, and understanding.

All of Amanda’s experiences showed her, unfortunately from an early age, that there was a great need for changed in the system of family law. She saw the need for more people to be more personable, understanding, and compassionate during these types of crazy times. She saw the need for change because the system was set on dissecting and separating families instead of focusing on what is best for those involved, especially the children. This ultimately led her to the decision to go to school to become a paralegal and join the family law team.

Amanda is the great addition to our team! As our Paralegal, she is a great addition to our litigation team. She is the attorney’s right hand when it comes to getting court documents done and strategy on your case. Her expertise and go-to attitude make her the person you want in your corner.

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